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Legion of Rosary Warriors

Facebook Group Is An Example of FaithInWV

How many times have you heard, “I’m done with Facebook because of the toxic negativity”?

Cynthia Dimmey

Cynthia Dimmey of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Wheeling was certainly frustrated, but instead of giving it up the social media platform she chose to use it to create – the Legion of Rosary Warriors – a prayer space for like-minded people and those searching for an online prayer group.

She said the page is more than intentional evangelization, it is fostering lifelong catechesis.

“There’s no holier call, no holier


Wheeling Teen’s Faith Filled Heart Leads Her to Memorable Summer

Doing for others when they cannot do something for you in return has proven to be the best life lesson in love for a Northern Panhandle teen.

Angelene Ricci is an eighth grader at St. Vincent de Paul School in Wheeling. When you meet her you are immediately impressed with what you see – her sweet nature, maturity in her conversations for her age, and smiling eyes. What you can’t see is her heart. Angelene Ricci has a heart of gold.

The 13-year-old is an altar server at St. Vincent. She enjoys volleyball,


Finding Your Faith Fully Alive Inspires Grimsland to Make a Difference

It was time! Time to do something.

Henry “Hank” and Kathleen “Kate” Grimsland, parishioners of St. Joseph in Martinsburg and founders of the St. John Bosco Children’s Fund.

Hank Grimsland of Martinsburg believes we all have the hands of Christ to reach out to those in need, and the love of God to bring hope to the hopeless.  He is a man who cannot sit idly by – a man who wholeheartedly believes we need to stop ignoring the voice of the Holy Spirit, calling us to strengthen our faith and


Christ is waiting for you in the Eucharist

Shinnston Parish Project is Reviving its Faithful

Fr. Chris and his poster

Have you ever heard someone say, “Mass is so boring, I don’t get anything from it?”

Maybe you can even admit saying that yourself.

“We take for granted that everyone knows the Blessed Sacrament is the Body and Blood of Christ,” Fr. Chris Turner of St. Ann’s in Shinnston said.

Mass is spending time with God, receiving His graces, and the celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist. Taking that for granted or not understanding that is a big problem in the Church.

“Its’ our


Lights. Camera. Wait! Let’s pray!

December 1995 was a dire straits moment for Ted Rouse. He lost his job and was instantly filled with anxiety. It was Christmas, but he was devastated and didn’t know which way to turn.

Ted at the Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

He and his wife Shelly had just bought a house and baby number two was on the way. Overwhelmed with worry on how he was going to pay the hefty mortgage, handle the looming medical expenses, and put food on the table for his young family, Rouse turned to someone he


Whelan Pours Her Heart & Faith into All She Does

The Whelan family

Her choice to keep her heart focused on the “good portion” – Christ and the kingdom of God – has brought her peace, love, and strength, all of which she pours into her family and career.

Charleston’s Aisling Whelan chooses to keep faith first.

Just as Bishop Mark Brennan calls upon the faithful in the diocese to evangelize by sharing and celebrating Christ and our faith, Whelan intentionally has developed her career as owner of The Good Portion Co. as her voice.

“I think evangelization begins and ends with communion,


Charles Town’s Deacon Dave Galvin Working Tirelessly to Bring Souls Home

He can be defined as the Roch of his parish. Yes, R-O-C-H (pronounced Roke or Rock). Deacon Dave Galvin is much like St. Roch – who despite unforeseen challenges served others and helped souls see Christ in him. Although, if you were to make the comparison in his presence he would undoubtedly look towards the sky, laugh, and shake his head at the notion.

Galvin is seemingly tireless. He is up for anything that will make a positive difference in God’s eyes, yet remains a humble soul, quickly turning a conversation away from himself to how Christ is working behind


Described as The Rock of His Parish, Father Tom Gallagher Honored as Priest of the Year

When his second-grade teacher at Sacred Heart Grade School in Charleston gave the class a homework assignment to write about what they wanted to be when they grew up, he wrote he was going to be a priest. Little Tommy Gallagher pictured himself in the shoes of his pastor, Monsignor Edward Sadie. Fast forward to the teenage and college years and that picture may have blurred, but it never completely faded. Thankfully for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, the sweet daydream of that dark-haired youngster, whose eyes smile right along with his


Purpose Driven Life leads Hurricane Man to Honor

Hurricane’s Will Dempsey chooses to live his life with an “actions are greater than words” mindset.
We all know of the poverty and suffering in the world and our own communities, whether they have resulted from horrific tragedy, natural disasters, or our own doing. As Christians we talk about how we are God’s hands and feet, but are we really doing enough? Dempsey does not sit back and take that question lightly. His purpose driven path in life is a call to action, proving he is a man that honors his faith, country, and family.


Miracle Behind the Music

St. Jude organist is part of God’s plan

When the late Father Leroy Beyer handed her the keys to the church the summer of 1993, she happily accepted them with a grateful heart, knowing she had a significant promise to keep.

Judy Perhacs Doyle

Judy Perhacs Doyle has been playing the organ, piano, and even the accordion for St. Jude Parish in Glen Dale for nearly three decades. Many current parishioners do not know her story, but the ones who do have a deep appreciation not only to her for sharing her

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