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Purpose Driven Life leads Hurricane Man to Honor

Hurricane’s Will Dempsey chooses to live his life with an “actions are greater than words” mindset.
We all know of the poverty and suffering in the world and our own communities, whether they have resulted from horrific tragedy, natural disasters, or our own doing. As Christians we talk about how we are God’s hands and feet, but are we really doing enough? Dempsey does not sit back and take that question lightly. His purpose driven path in life is a call to action, proving he is a man that honors his faith, country, and family.


Miracle Behind the Music

St. Jude organist is part of God’s plan

When the late Father Leroy Beyer handed her the keys to the church the summer of 1993, she happily accepted them with a grateful heart, knowing she had a significant promise to keep.

Judy Perhacs Doyle

Judy Perhacs Doyle has been playing the organ, piano, and even the accordion for St. Jude Parish in Glen Dale for nearly three decades. Many current parishioners do not know her story, but the ones who do have a deep appreciation not only to her for sharing her


Compassion and Faith Led Teen to Establish Confraternity to Protect Children

Never underestimate the power of prayer.

That is exactly the underlying lesson Adam Marquart learned from his parents Greg and Lisa Marquart, and was echoed by his Catholic school teachers and several significant priests in his life. It is the lesson that motivated Marquart’s idea for the Confraternity of St. Nicholas – a movement to seek the saint’s intercession to protect all children morally, physically, and spiritually from sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other harmful circumstances.

Marquart, a member of Our Lady of Peace Parish in the Marshall County section of Wheeling, grew up with his sister Natalie in a loving


Love of God and His Church

Strengthens the Bonds of Beckley Couple

Their love story is as much about serving and caring for others as it is about their commitment to each other.

Rev. Mr. Harry and Marcia Evans of St. Francis de Sales Parish in Beckley met as students at Woodrow Wilson High School in the late 1960s. They will celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary on November 27th. The milestone is significant, but so is their story of faith and service.

Soon after they were married, they began their family. They were blessed with four children – Matthew, Mark, John Paul, and Sarah; and now have five


Radiant presence is a present

WVU Campus Minister hopes to radiate Christ’s love

Walk into her office and you’ll be greeted with a heartwarming smile. Catch up with her and her family during an outdoor adventure and you’ll be treated to her contagious laughter. Yet the most attractive and impressive thing about Colleen Roderique Criste may be her beautiful heart and glowing spirit – an asset that is benefiting countless young adults at the St. John University Parish Newman Center in Morgantown.

Criste grew up a cradle Catholic in a strong and faithful family, but until two years ago she didn’t realize how much her upbringing,


In the stillness of prayerful meditation, Weirton woman finds courage to share her gifts

Writing has always been a fond pastime for Cathy Burns Horstman, but it wasn’t until recently she knew it would be a way to give life to her faith.

She grew up in a family that cherished three things –faith, family, and education.

Horstman has been a member of St. Paul Parish in Weirton since she was six years old. Her father Bob Burns worked for Hancock County Schools and her mother Bette Davis Burns taught preschool and eventually became the principal at St. Paul School. For her and her seven siblings, they understood to be successful in life was to


Jesus and Grandparents Raise Her Spirit to be an Example for Others

St. Peter’s young cantor is as inspirational as her voice

Our #FaithInWV feature stories, showcase Catholics who are rising above the odds, giving hope, and leading by example. After reading today’s relatable story about Franchesca Aloi of St. Peter’s Parish in Farmington, we hope she inspires you to also choose to be a blessing.

If you ask the 20-year-old junior at Fairmont State University about herself she is likely to talk more about how amazing her grandparents are; how her parish is super small, but very close; and how fun and genuine her pastor Father Vincy Sebastian Illickal, T.O.R., is. However,


Living Her Faith Brings Life to Others

It’s safe to say when Sadie Shields wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is to choose joy!

She is a beautiful testament to the Greatest Commandment that is written in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 – “Love the Lord, your God, with your whole heart, and with your whole being, and with your whole strength….”

Through her work in Catholic school, her voice for the voiceless, and her energy she gives to young Catholics in West Virginia, Shields gives life to her faith. “Ms. Shields is a constant reminder for me that true joy can be found in living the


Mazzie Sets Tempo for Music Ministry for 50 years

If the parishes in Harrison County had a heartbeat Jimmy Mazzie definitely provides its rhythm and has enjoyed doing so for the last 50 years.

The Clarksburg gentleman has been playing the piano and organ at Masses since he was 13 years old.

It all started when he was a youngster and primary student at the former St. James Grade School.

“I wanted to take lessons so badly, but I had to wait a few years until I turned 9,” he said. While in his heart he was ready the age was a prerequisite set by Marie Byrnes, who according to Mazzie,


Strong Faith Presented in Song

We are blessed in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston with countless parishioners who share their musical talents each week at Mass. Since we are in the midst of a pandemic their voices and instruments have nearly been silenced. However, more than 40 faithful from around the state believe that when you are given a gift from God you know you need to share that gift no matter what. They collaborated with Bishop Mark Brennan to “sing and make music from the heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19).”

This gift of song was presented as a Christmas message video to all the

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